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April 23rd, 2009

11:20 pm: Exposure - Das Ich, Soil & Eclipse w/ Red This Ever Perform Live!
May 21st Exposure Celebrates Deep6's 10 year Anniversary with 3 phenominal Live performances! 

Kannibale - EP 2008 - Promo-Shot by v.d. scheck

Das Ich (DE)
Das Ich is a German electronic music group formed in 1989. The group, fronted by Stefan Ackermann and Bruno Kramm, were one of the prominent founders of and contributors to "Neue Deutsche Todeskunst" (New German Death Art) a musical movement in the early 1990s. The German term das Ich makes reference to the Freudian concept James Strachey translated as "ego".

Their first full-length album, Die Propheten, was released in Germany in 1991 and was reissued in the US in 1997, selling over thirty thousand copies. In 1996, the album Egodram saw the group moving towards a more rhythmic, industrial dance-oriented sound, resulting in the club singles "Kindgott" and "Destillat". The album was followed by an American tour in 1996 and 1997. This was followed by 1998's Morgue, a concept album based on the work of Gottfried Benn.

In 1999 they released a remix album, Re-Laborat, that included work done by popular electro-industrial bands. Bruno Kramm released his solo spin off Coeur in 2000.

In 2001, Das Ich released the album Antichrist, which is a critical reflection on world politics. In 2002 the Best Of Album Relikt was released. In 2004 they released the double album LAVA:glut and LAVA:asche, and in 2006 they released an additional dual album, Cabaret and Varieté, and a new DVD, Panopticum.

The band is famous around the world, spreading their unique style with many tours in countries such as Russia, Israel, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Japan and the United States.
Das Ich are in the middle of finishing up their upcoming album, "Kannibale".

Soil and Eclipse (US)
Soil and Eclipse began in March of 1996, originally under the name Oracle of Delphi. The band was formed in Hawaii when vocalist Jay Tye and G.W. Childs IV began collaborating in an effort to fill their local music scene with a more eclectic sound. Though the two were in the US Army at the time, they worked together in their free time to perform live shows. Their many local performances led to a following among Hawaiian goth enthusiasts.

In January of 1997, Jay and G.W. were contacted by COP International, who had heard their demo tape, and was interested in signing the band. After a few months of communication and a trip to meet the minds behind COP, a contract was negotiated and signed. After a short time of debate amongst the bandmates, a new name for the band was chosen -Soil and Eclipse. Jay and G.W. felt that the new name better suited the style of music, given its ambient nature.

photo by Klawdya Rothschild
Red This Ever (FR)
"A great deal of synthpop music in this day and age seems to follow a rather simplistic and familiar template, focusing on a very literal interpretation of the genre by using primarily (if not exclusively) synthesizers and pop music structures to create a sound that is instantly recognizable and accessible. Leave it to Baltimore, MD's Red This Ever to turn those conventions around and return to an aesthetic more in line with the genre's beginnings in the '80s. The five members of this band bring a wide range of influences, from harder-edged industrial like Ministry and Skinny Puppy to the softer and more melodic sounds of Wolfsheim and Depeche Mode. With each band member contributing to the electronics, creating a collective sound that defies strict categorization. Are they a synthpop band with guitars, or are they a rock band with synths? The answer would be yes: they are these things, and more." - Ilker Yucel, Regen Magazine.

Club LIV
2001 11th St, NW Washington DC
18+ - $17 in advance / $20 at door
Doors 9:00 pm

April 9th, 2009

02:14 am: End.user, Zeller, & Interlope perform Live
Deep6 Productions Presents:

End User (US)
Lynn Standafer from Cincinnati, Ohio, United States is more commonly known as Enduser. Taking influences from KRS-One, Skinny Puppy, and Photek, and raised on a steady diet of hip-hop and early jungle records, Enduser creates d’n’b and hip-hop flavored breakcore.

Interlope (FR)
Shooting drum&bass into unexplored territories is one definition of Interlope, as the band is based upon live performances wich consist of improvisation using samplers, synths, mixing desk and FX...

This is a live duo act, where each member is writting their own tracks and mixing them together their very own way to create the Interlope stream.

Dancefloor music mixing electro hip-hop to breaks and drum&bass is another definition of Interlope.

Zeller (FR)
audio vandalism is the first release by the young artist jb zeller who is based in southern france. this release includes eleven tracks which were recorded between 2005 and 2008.

zeller is effected by "all kinds of subversive music" (ranging from breakcore and industrial music to dubstep) in such a way that he is able to assimilates these different musical facets into his own style. needless to say the results are unique and subversive in their own right.

audio vandalism is an aggregation of complex beat layers, deep dark bass, distorted synth textures, ominous samples and algid ambiences that are interwoven with atrabilious melody lines. straight forward electro-industrial meet the complexness of breakbeats merged with whirls of noise, captured media coverage and a hint of melancholy.

this album can be seen as a missing link between heavy, metric electronica, straight-line jungle-core and saturnine movie soundtracks. join the audio vandalism!

Bohemian Caverns
2001 11th St, NW Washington DC
18+ - $10 Cover
Doors 10:30pm

March 18th, 2009

02:14 pm: Mono No Aware and The Azoic perfom Live Thursday!!!
deep6 presents,
The Azoic and Mono No Aware
Live at

We are pleased to announce that we have two very exclusive shows this week.

Mono No Aware and the Azoic!!!

Germany based, Hands Production artist, Mono No Aware is doing a limited three date US tour for his new album ketoujin.

"His personal experiences have inspired him to make this new album. If you have followed the musical development of Mono No Aware, you know what to expect on this release: 13 floor smashing hyperactive drum ‘n noise industrial club tracks. Mono No Aware uses innovative loops and exciting breaks to spice up his music which features heavy technoid beats and tribal rhythms that will get the crowd dancing at any given occasion in an industrial club. People who have experienced the live sets of Mono No Aware will know that the music of this artist belongs to the best the rhythm industrial noise genre has on offer. This is recommended DJ stuff as well. Highlights are the tracks ‘Hyperplaktativ’, ‘Eta No Tame Ni’, ‘Spodni Zeme’ and the less fast but as least as dark track ‘Seva Seva’. " ~ gothtronic.com

Ohio based, Nilaihah Records artist the Azoic will be doing two exclusive east coast dates this March to promote their remix album, Re:Illumination (The Mixes).

"The Azoic have been steadily making a name for themselves in the electro scene since 1996. With their enticing blend of genres ranging from darkwave to synthpop to industrial and EBM, combined with the passionate vocals of Kristy Venrick and the pulsating electronics of Steve Laskarides, The Azoic is poising itself to be one of the best bands in the electronic underground. As mainstays on America's Nilaihah Records, the group recently signed with European label Infacted Recordings, which led to the release of Forward + Conflict, a collection of old and new tracks for the European market." ~ regenmag.com

March 12th, 2009

07:20 pm: 3/12::Exposure will be CLOSED TONITE!!!
Exposure will be closed TONITE!!
Please come out next week for 
the AZOIC and Mono No Aware!

March 4th, 2009

10:39 pm: Exposure - Guest DJ Sean of the Dead
Exposure at Club LIV - EVERY THURSDAY!

Club Liv/Bohemian Caverns
2001 11th Street NW
Doors @ 9pm
$5 21+ / $7 18-20

Resident DJs this week:

Guest DJ: Sean of the Dead

Originally from Boston, a 2000 Wax Wars New England Dj champion, Sean of the Dead has been djing multiple formats for nearly a decade. He co-brands his dj presence as one of the best designers in the mid-atlantic, constantly supporting and evolving local music scenes. After having just completed dirty year's residency at Angel's RockBar in Baltimore, Sean is focusing his efforts on electro house once again to maintain a diverse presence inside several music scenes. Heralded as one of the most diverse dj's in the mid-atlantic, his underlying appreciation as "music as therapy" drives him to want to deliver each time. Sean is held residencies at Automatic, Vain, Smack and has played parties like taxlo, hearthrob and more up and down the coast.


The Azoic
w/ Mono No Aware
Club Liv - 2001 11th St, NW Washington DC
18+ - Doors 9pm

03.26.09Guest DJ Annadroid, Hostess/Model Azure, Artwork by Nybor Destructicorn
Club Liv - 2001 11th St, NW Washington DC
18+ - Doors 9pm

February 26th, 2009

06:23 am: Tonight @ Exposure - Happy Birthday Julie Simone & DJ Solaries

Exposure at Club LIV - EVERY THURSDAY!

Every Thursday @ Club LIV
2001 11th Street NW
Doors @ 9pm
$5 21+ / $7 18-20

Resident DJs this week:

DC's own Julie Simone is coming home to celebrate her birthday at Exposure. The AVN nominated director has been published internationally as both a photographer and model and her films have been shown at numerous festivals around the world.

Julie will be signing DVDs and if you ask her nicely she might give you a spanking! (www.JulieSimone.com)

Guest DJ: DJ Solaries

A woman who doesn't need any bio...Solaries!

Upcoming Deep6 Events

03.05.09 Guest DJ Sean of the Dead (from Angel's Rock Bar) spins @ Exposure
03.19.09 Live Performances by Mono No Aware and The Azoic @ Exposure
03.26.09 Guest DJ Annadroid, Hostess/Model Azure, Artwork by Nybor Destructicorn

January 29th, 2009

11:37 am: So Excited about this show tonight!!!

Exclusive Live Performances by:

Dismantled is the sole product of Gary Zon whose unique blend of progressive electro-pop rock has crossed boundaries, meshing everything from the pop of Paula Abdul to the grind of Nine Inch Nails into a sonic attack like no other. The band's quick critical acclaim from fans and reviewers alike has found them a home on Metropolis Records, one of the biggest electronic alternative labels in the US featuring artists like Mindless Self Indulgence, Bauhaus, and VNV Nation, just to name a few.

Formed in late 2000 as an experiment, the project became successful when introduced online with its over-processed vocals and intense melodic sequences. In only a short year, Dismantled was signed to both Metropolis Records in the US and Dependent Records in Europe and released the single "Dystopia" and the self-titlted album to highly positive reviews, hailing Dismantled as the newcomer of the year and as "Album of The Month" in three major German alternative magazines: Zillo, Sonic Seducer, and Orkus.


No.Not.Never is a collaborative project between TZA and Gary Zon from San Diego. The style is electro / rock. TZA does vocals and song ideas and Gary Zon programs it in FruityLoops.

Impulse Control

Impulse Control
“Impulse Control” is the music project of Xavier Swafford, Juan Monarez and Chad Collier. We are a young, energetic band who has been producing music together since 2005. Impulse Control is in the process of recording our first album and is seeking record label support. Currently, we are preparing to play live shows around our hometown of Washington D.C. Primarily our sound is electronic based with occasional guitars and programmed drums. Some have labeled us as an EBM or Industrial act. We do not deny our labels but we are not confined to them either. Impulse Control is primarily influenced by bands such as Nitzer Ebb, Nine Inch Nails and Insekt.

Resident DJs:
Vlad, RasDNA, Mindcage

October 23rd, 2008

08:52 am: Nightmare on Ust - Exposure's 1st Halloween Party

Nightmare on Ust

Exposure's 1st Halloween Party!

Featuring Mysterious DJs

Romell of Razed In Black

Steve Archer of Ego Likeness

Liebchen of Xuberx

Dj K of Rapture, Baltimore

Chilling Fire Performance by

Dance Afire

Electrifying Photo Booth by

Larry Bradby Photography

08:50 am: Philly Invasion TONITE!!! @ Exposure-dc

10.23.08 @ Exposure!

Exposure happens Every Thursday at LIV Nightclub
2001 11th Street NW Washington DC 20001
18+ event | cover $5.00 21+/$7 18-21
open 9:00 PM - 2:00 AM





DJ 23

Promotions & Giveaways from: Metropolis Records


DJ Mighty Mike Saga Philadelphia PA Event promoter, Graphic Designer, Notorious Vesago Philly, NYC Dj known for keeping dance floors on fire till closing time. Mike Saga fell in love with dark music in the late 80's in Texas and never stopped his love for dark dance. He's guest DJed at events like Byte NYC, SMack NYC, MOTHERF*CKER NYC, QXT's Purge Events, Dracula's Ball, Nocturne, Dark Wave Productions events & dozens of underground events. He's a floor filler and pleaser with his sets of EBM, 80's Industrial, Synthpop.


DJ Phranque has been a DJ for 12 yrs.After a few short lived weekly gigs he picked up his first residency at the Middle East Night Club spinning with DJ dV8. While there had the chance to work with bands like Electric Hellfire Club and The Wake.After a 2yr absence Phranque returned with a vengeance. He with DJ 23 and Chas Paris begin the weekly IJAM presentation of Fusion. There he has worked with bands like Suicide City, Assemblage23, Combichrist, Terrorfakt, Thrill Kill Kult, Stromkern, VNV Nation, Imperative Reaction, And One, and more.

DJ 23

DJ23 has been Dj'ing for 8 years now. within that time he has had several residencies as well as been a guest or re-occuring guest at such clubs as QXT's, haven, alchemy and many more, working with some of the best DJ's in the scene. he has also had the privlidge of spinning the first annual DARK CITY fest in scotland and SUMMER DARKNESS in holland. also within this time he has spun during shows and spun after parties for many bands from ABSURD MINDS to VNV NATION. recently he has been an active writer for SIDE-LINE for the past year and a half and recently started assaulting the net weekly with his philly commrade DJPHRANQUE and their internet radio show SEC:Tion:9.

October 2nd, 2008

07:04 am: NYC Takeover!
This Week At Exposure! NYC Takeover!
Photography By: Synethesia13
Live Makeup art & Body Painting by: Anna:droid & Keyska
Guest DJs: Anna:droid, Dyztort (NYC)

Photography by: Synethesia13

She has been photographing over seven years.
As well as modeling for less. She has a strong
passion for photographing people.She's done
work for Alternative Pinups and Veritee Hill

Guest Dj/ artist: Anna:droid

Anna DeMeo(aka dj Annadroid)has been utilizing
her make up talents productively for the last
2 years after wanting to kill almost everyone
in cosmetic retail. Having a rather extensive
fine arts background, she realized in 2005 that
she could do a lot more with her talents than
slacking off as a clubkid with too many hair
accessories. She currently collaborates regulary
with nationally acclaimed pin up photographer
Viva Van Story(nj), and Taschen published
photographer James Graham(ny).
Anna resides in Astoria,New York

makeup artist: Keyska

Keyska is well known for her specialty in
abstract fetish modeling with an artistic
flare. She can also be seen at several
Goth Industrial clubs along the east
Coast go-go dancing. When Keyska is
not modeling, or dancing you can find
her using her creative talents, tattooing
and piercing at Ambrotos Tattoo studio.

Guest DJ: Dyztort

Down from NYC DJ Dyztort is a Club Promoter ,
DJ and owner Dyztorted Entertainment.
Currently you can find DJ Dyztort as a resident
for Paradise Lost where he will be spinning his
signature floor slaying Industrial Electronica.
He is also a resident DJ and department head
for Viral Engineering in the Shadow Lab, this
is much more eclectic as he will be spinning
signature bands and the songs you never get
to hear.

Resident DJs: RasDNA Vlad

Exposure happens Every Thursday at LIV Nightclub
2001 11th Street NW Washington DC 20001
18+ event | cover $5.00 21+/$7 18-21
open 9:00 PM - 2:00 AM

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